Add your Pitbull Mixtapes Hip-Hop Collection

    If you buy mixtapes, consider adding some that include hip-hop and reggae artist Pitbull. Available mixtapes Pitbull includes songs from the artist in English and Spanish. With a compilation album, six studio albums, thirty-two singles in all, you're sure to find a favorite song. This popular artist has landed on both the Hot 100 and Hot Rap Tracks charts during his career of six years.

    Many mixtapes new feature of this artist, who released their first album, MIAMI: Money is a major problem in 2004. Since then, he has added five albums to his repertoire, the latter of which is the world Well, scheduled for release in March 2011. This multilingual songwriter released her first Spanish album, Armando, in 2010.

    Pitbull Mixtapes contains popular songs like "Krazy" and "I Know You Want Me". The success of the artist is not limited to the U.S. His songs have reached top ten on the music charts in the Netherlands, Italy, Canada and the United Kingdom. "I Know You Want Me" also reached number one in France and the European Hot 100 list.

    Hip hop lovers will definitely enjoy the mixtape including the song "White" with Pharrell Williams. Besides being a songwriter and rapper Pitbull has a program in Spanish called La Esquina on the cable channel Mun2. This artist has also appeared on albums by other musicians and has remixed some of his own songs.

    Pitbull was honored to perform the rap part of "We Are The World", the song will benefit Haiti 2009. In 2010, he collaborated with Destiny Child member Kelly Rowland in "Take All", to be presented at the third studio album Rowland. His album, 2011 Well the world is sure to be a success, producing more songs to include in future Pitbull mixtapes.

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Add your Pitbull Mixtapes Hip-Hop Collection

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