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    iOS 5 Features

    October 4, 2011 is the official launch of the Apple Software IOS 5, to be the next Apple products, and is compatible with the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3rd and 4th generation, iPad, and iPad 2 . Now that you know what kind of hardware works with the software iOS 5 is the time to discuss the iOS 5 features.

    Obviously we have to start with the most talked about feature is the ability to be wireless. The icloud is another great idea that Apple has occurred in order to access everything from all your devices. The features that will work for icloud is iTunes, photos, documents, books, your backup system, contacts, calendar and email. You have 5 GB of free storage automatically gives you so you can access many other characteristics of all other Apple products. For example, if you were to download an album of new music to your iMac and want to access it from your new iPhone 5 will not need to connect your iPhone 5 and load all the songs. Now you can wirelessly download songs because everything that you download to your icloud account is accessible from all Apple devices. The best way of putting it is that you think of all the information that you download from entering a cloud that follows you everywhere. When you want to access this information regardless of the device, Apple has to push a button and it will rain the information on the current device you have. Simple but amazing as well and useful, the way Apple always does and the main feature of the iOS 5 software.

    Safari has increased again to a more and less hassle. The new and improved Safari reader, it is easier to get rid of all ads so you can read with less agitation. I'm sure you've started reading an article or made to work then could not find the article until the end, so Safari Reader has been fixed that problem. Another simple solution, making a reading list so you can keep up on all items that have meaning to the end. Along with most other Apple applications in these lists can be accessed through the icloud.

    The notification center is going to keep it a little more organized. If you're like most of the United States after his constant motion always receiving text messages, e-mails always receiving and always have things on your list. Now with a quick swipe down from the top of the screen you can access all these reports and go through them one by one.

    These are the three most important features that you will be able to access and love through the IOS software 5 will be available. The best part about all of these systems is that they are now allowing people to register for the exam and maintain the new iPhone 5 for all possible faults to be out of iOS 5 before it is released to the public. You can not tell me you do not want the iPhone 5 before anyone else. You can avoid the lines and pay for it.

    Jailbreak iOS 5 - Still worth it?

    Today, Dev-team released Redsn0w 0.9.8b1 capable of jailbreaking the Apple's latest operating system for mobile devices, iOS 5 (beta).

    This is a tethered jailbreak which means you need to connect the device to a computer and run Redsn0w to achieve "mode jailbreak 'on it.

    With all these improvements added to IOS5, it is still worth it to jailbreak your device?

    I used to jailbreak my iPhone in the past in order to obtain a level of customization that the options that were not available at the official IOS, adjustments that could improve my experience iDevice after all.

    Many of these "improvements" are now available with IOS 5, there are still few.

    In my opinion, iOS 5 is a big step forward for Apple, which seems to have learned from the jailbreak community for the benefit of its customers. Hope that many companies do the same (eg, Sony).

    Some of the features that Apple helped achieve this step are:

    * Unified notification
    * Messaging phone messages
    * Newspaper / Magazine subscriptions
    * System Advanced reminder
    * The whole system of integrating Twitter
    * Fast access to the camera
    * Photo Editing Tools
    * Tabbed browsing
    * Reader view
    * Scope of text email
    * No need for PC configuration / updates
    * Wi-Fi Sync

    Not many mobile operating systems today come with so many features iOS make one of the best operating system for mobile phones in the market today.

    However, the question remains ... is the jailbreak is still a need?

    Many users say "YES", is a jailbreak "must have" probably because they are unaware of what the new IOS can do, some may still have favorite applications that are not available in the new IOS (eg , biteSMS), but many are moving away from jailbreak from now, because most of the features that are now jailbreak the operating system.

    In the past, jailbreak was considered illegal and void the warranty of the device.

    A few years later, they all become legal, as long as you are not installing / using payment applications for free using the jailbreak tools.

    Today, jailbreak means more than simply allow execution did not sign the application on your device (Apple requires each application running on your iDevice to be signed with a certificate, so you have better control over their devices and applications running on it), became a cult.

    We still have to wait until the final version of IOS 5 is released, but look at the beta, iOS incorporates features that no other mobile OS can be proud of, so iOS 5 One of the best versions Apple come up with.

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