David Ortiz is back to being a feared hitter?

    David Ortiz began his career as the first high-impact weak base for the Minnesota Twins in 1997. When he became a designated hitter and went to the Boston Red Sox in 2003, his offensive production suddenly went through the roof. He went from an average of 15 homers per year routinely hit 35 or more. Was hampered by injuries in 2008, and now seems to have forgotten how to hit for power or average in 2009.

    The collapse of David Ortiz is something the whole community has been watching baseball in 2009. Some have questioned whether Ortiz could be feeling the effects of sudden withdrawal of steroids, something that has never admitted or have been charged. Others think the wrist injury last season is not yet healed. Some even believe that at the age of 34 years, David Ortiz has reached its peak and is simply too old to catch up with major league pitching.

    A look at Ortiz's production this year shows a guy who is a designated hitter, which impact in the middle of a packaging line with batting statistics that seem to belong to a pitcher. His batting average is below the "Mendoza Line" (0200) and has just one home run from May 26. His slugging percentage, which at the peak of his career was over 0600, now stands at 0299.

    The only reason why David Ortiz has remained in the lineup is because he is David Ortiz. The Red Sox are hoping to improve, but the fans are increasingly skeptical. If a minor league player had been called to the majors and displayed offensive performance this season David Ortiz would be back in the minors now.

    The only comparable to David Ortiz in recent years is Andruw Jones. Jones went from being a top player a batter who fought (unsuccessfully) to hit .200 over a full season last year. Jones was released by the Dodgers and signed a minor league contract with the Rangers in the offseason. Since then it has shown signs of recovery in its many years of depression. Rangers coaches have had a close look at your swing and fixed some defects found, and he is hitting .290 in limited time all played in 2009. Could it be possible that David Ortiz only have to make some adjustments in your swing? Some have noticed that Ortiz is using an open stance and swing and the "deception" to inside fastballs, which leaves him vulnerable to off-speed pitches on the outside of the plate. While this can be arranged, but could also be a sign that Ortiz is no longer in your swing speed to get to the fields on the inside without the cheating method call.

    Red Sox, Terry Francona, a friend of David Ortiz and wants to have in the lineup so you can find a way to solve the problem himself, but even he has become frustrated with the lack of production, and the faithful Fenway Park only patience. Francona has left Ortiz out of the lineup a few games in recent weeks, especially when the Sox face a starting lefty. Francona also be trying to Ortiz in different parts of the line, even at 7, 8, or 9 positions.

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David Ortiz is back to being a feared hitter?

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